Famous Brandz | About Us
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Famous Brandz is a unique emerging company that focuses on providing retailers and distributors the best lifestyle products at competitive pricing. We specialize in selling smoking products and accessories from recognizable and relatable brands such as Cheech & Chong, Trailer Park Boys and the much anticipated launch of our Snoop Pounds brand coming to market Summer 2016.

Strong brands and collaborations are at the core of our success. Our founders have over 20 years experience in the smoking accessories industry and have come together to deliver the strongest and most well-known brands to the market. Working with top celebrities and film studios, we intend to distribute the largest array of mainstream smoking products.

Our clients are treated like family. We aim to exceed their expectations and we’re continuously developing new products and brands that matter to the consumers. Join our growing community and become a part of the family!

All orders outside of Canada may be subject to additional taxes or levies. Dismiss